Geoffrey W. Brown
Human Centered Designer

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Moxie Spaces

Creating and productizing a knowledge-sharing system at IDEO

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The Tube is IDEO’s central nervous system, connecting hundreds of employees from all over the world with information about people, projects and services both past and present. When I joined IDEO, I was amazed by the wealth of information contained in the system. The Tube is an intranet that put people in the center, rather than technology.

One of my first tasks upon joining IDEO was help imagine the future of the Tube. I landed, albeit temporarily, in a great place – IDEO’s Knowledge Sharing team, led by Gentry Underwood. Here, I had the ability to work on streamlining and modularizing the Tube so that it could support people-based knowledge sharing at any company from a white label perspective. I helped redesign the Tube to become even more social and people-centric. I was part of a small team that was working continuously on modularizing the product in co-development with Moxie (formerly nGenera) to meet the needs of IDEO, as well as the needs of companies with radically different directives.

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