Geoffrey W. Brown | 2019

International Experience

Geoffrey Brown is an American human-centered interaction designer based in Richmond, California.

Geoffrey has studied written and spoken Russian for 2 years with a private tutor, and has independently studied written and spoken Japanese on and off for 3+ years. He’s far from conversational in either. The good news is Geoffrey is incredibly eager to learn, explore and practice in all aspects of his life. Additional skills include an adventurous spirit and lots of passion.

Geoffrey’s international design experience stems from his time at IDEO, HTC, and McKinsey. At IDEO, Geoffrey worked with large consumer electronics companies based in Taiwan on on-going client engagements. Geoffrey helped design and lead comprehensive on-the-ground qualitative research in Taipei, working directly with IDEO designers and client team members. In 2011, Geoffrey moved to Taipei for 3 months to actively engage in continuous on-site work. His time abruptly came to a halt in March of that year when Japan experienced the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Geoffrey’s time at HTC involved frequent trips to Taipei. Geoffrey learned first-hand about working with non-US based executive leadership and engineering teams, and how to approach both successfully.

At McKinsey Design, Geoffrey is part of the Design Research practice, constantly advocating for the importance of qualitative research in the design process. Geoffrey has worked both domestically and internationally (in the UK and South Korea) conducting, leading and orchestrating in-home ethnographic research and contextual inquiry sessions. In addition, Geoffrey has helped support a wide range of domestic and international mobile diary studies, and has experience working with various research vendors from a recruiting and logistics perspective.

Geoffrey prescribes to the notion of “you have to go to know.” He is currently interested in exploring projects that involve high levels of small team cross-functional collaboration that are predicated on design research. Interests also include design for and in emerging markets and understanding ‘extreme users.’