Geoffrey W. Brown
Human Centered Designer

Case study

IDEO is one of IDEO's most challenging clients.

Interaction and interface design, web, mobile

How do you design a design organization’s website? That’s the task I faced upon joining IDEO in 2009. Thankfully, I was in great hands – I was working with the exceptional Gentry Underwood and Liz Armistead on figuring out what was next for IDEO’s online presence.

The task was significant: redesign so that the (beautiful and beneficial) chaos of the company was present, while still modernizing and modularizing the the underlying technology and visual expression.

I went through 10’s of proposed directions. Ultimately, we decided that the best approach was to take’s current form and refine it to be more future-friendly. I implemented a grid upon which all pages were based (there wasn't one before), and I helped to remove all instances of Adobe Flash from the site (a few years before this was vogue). I built upon the existing design, and helped scale it into the future.

Recently, I’ve discovered that IDEO is finally getting a complete makeover. I’m super excited about the new redesign, led by my friend Chris Nyffler. The new site is stunning, and I’m happy that I had a chance to be part of the previous rev’s success. The screens that you see below are artifacts from the work described above.


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IDEO is one of IDEO's most challenging clients.

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