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All posts | June 13, 2016

It’s been more than a while since I’ve written with any regularity, so I’m happy to announce that you’re looking at a shiny new version of! I’m still working through plenty of issues, so if things don’t seem quite right, feel free to drop me an email or shoot me a tweet. I’d be happy to hear from you.

On other fronts, I feel like its fair to say that I should provide some semblance of an update to what I’ve been up to lately. Here we go:


For the past 3 weeks I’ve been building (and writing) the content you see on I plan on writing more about this in a different post, but I’m happy to say that things are functional.

I decided to build everything myself with Jekyll. I really don’t have any need for a CMS, and I really enjoy the flexibility and control that a static site generator offers. Jekyll has been incredibly easy to work with – and offers me the ability to write in Markdown, which makes my life incredibly convenient when it comes to updating anything.

I’ve really invested a lot of time in writing a story around the content that’s posted. Some work, however, is a bit old, and just getting screens available online was more important than showing nothing at all. Either way, my goal was to craft a narrative – and I think I’m off to a decent start.

This blog

I’ve tried to write before. As a matter of fact, it’s something that I’ve added to my public list of regrets2 as something to narrow in and focus on. My chief problems were twofold: a) thinking I needed to write something authoritative (i.e.: monolithic) and I’d often get psyched out of really making the effort. And b) a process that’s not too fussy. For A, I just needed to get over it. It’s hard, but I’m getting past my struggle. For B, Jekyll and Markdown really hit a home run. As matter of fact, I’m writing this post in a text file right now. No games. I love it. I still have a lot of visual tweaks to make, but I’m going to handle those on a rolling basis.

I’m excited to write more soon. I feel like getting my thoughts out is a useful way to clear my mind, but also to share. I have some friends who are spending more time writing than designing these days, so at least I have some tremendous inspiration.

DWB Enterprises

I’m going to push my father’s new website live soon. To carry on the theme from above, the whole thing is based on Jekyll and markdown. Each one of my father’s clients in a single .md file that I can edit in seconds. I built his old website with WordPress, which was overkill. This time I was significantly smarter with the whole approach. Not to mention that Jackie did some amazing illustrations, which really brings the site to life.

Take a look at DWB Enterprises here.

Getting out of the country

This Thursday, we’re off to Morocco (Marrakech), Italy (Rome, Venice, Treviso) and Germany (Berlin). It’s going to be a sprint, but we’re incredibly excited.

Being unemployed

Right, so how do I have time for everything above, one might wonder? Well, I also didn’t mention that I’ve been extensively watching 24 reruns on Prime, which eats up a significant amount of time. Let’s just say I’m experiencing some white space right now.

In May, HTC let me and a lot of other designers go from the company. The whole UX team in SF disappeared, including my manager. All things considered, I’m taking things in stride. Having the chance to work on VR was incredible, and I’m deeply thankful for my time there.

What’s next

I’m currently looking for work. I’m mostly entertaining positions at design consultancies or early stage startups that create a net-positive impact on the world. I’m looking for lead or director level positions across the board, but I’m open to conversations with good people about good things. SF and Oakland are go-for-launch, but persuading me to get down to the Peninsula will be a tough sell.

I’m looking forward to writing another update soon, when I hopefully have more of a story to tell. Now please pardon me as I go watch even more 24 reruns with my wife.

  1. Jackie’s attending a reunion at Fabrica, where she had residence for a few years a while back. I’m more than excited to have the opportunity to go! 

  2. Here’s another thing I need to write a bit more about.