Geoffrey W. Brown
Human Centered Designer

Hello there!

Thank you so much considering me for the role you are looking to fill. At this time, I may or may not be entertaining new employment opportunities. Email is the best way to get in touch. That being said, I’m interested in working collaboratively with people (designers, engineers, business folks, etc.) with a focus on complex and challenging problems that help directly improve people’s lives through design. If you’re interested in learning a bit about how I think about practicing design, you can watch this short video. If you are curious about my process, you can watch this short video as well. I’m currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although I’m not currently looking to relocate, interesting opportunities are always welcome for discussion.

Areas of interest

I’m very interested in organizations that have a global audience and perspective. I subscribe to the notion of “you have to go to know” when it comes to understanding people through design research, and I’m actively interested in roles that allow me to directly engage with the people we’re designing for, regardless of industry. I welcome opportunities that might (or do) involve a reasonable amount of business travel, however, I’m not looking to explore roles that take me away from home for 2+ days per week as a general rule. That being said, here’s a short but sweet list of sectors and industries I’m interested in at this point in my career.

Very interested


Less interested


Vive Phone Services

What assurances do people need in order to have a great VR experience?

Experience Marketplace

Applying the Airbnb model in different and unique ways.

Recap for Twitter

What happens when you come back to Twitter after a day, month, or year?

Life Technologies

IDEO helped design a more transparent genomic sequencer.

Moxie Spaces

Creating and productizing a knowledge-sharing system at IDEO

IDEO is one of IDEO's most challenging clients.

Twitter Insights

Insights about people and markets help advertisers create powerful messaging that resonates.

Case Commons

How do you approach designing a social network for social workers?