Geoffrey W. Brown
Human Centered Designer

Case study

Case Commons

How do you approach designing a social network for social workers?

Design consultant
Interaction design, cross-functional collaboration, web

One of my first projects at IDEO in New York was working with Case Commons, a company that seeks to improve outcomes and life opportunities for vulnerable children and their families by improving human services. These human services are designed through the lens of web-native, real-time technology and analytics systems focused on people. The chief product of Case Commons is Casebook – a system that helps child welfare workers and policy makers make decisions based on actual data, rather than anecdote.

At the peak, I was spending up to 4 days a week embedded with the Case Commons team, on loan from IDEO. My team was incredible. I was working directly with my friend and IDEO colleague Duane Bray, as well as product managers Will Anderson and Jim Lindstrom from Case Commons. We were working on site, embedded with Pivotal Labs New York. The work that I did helped provide a modern front-end system for case workers in the state of Illinois (and later, beyond) by focusing on understanding what child welfare workers need at a fundamental level. The screens that you see below represent wireframes I drew during the iterative process that IDEO and Case Commons struck during our engagement.


Video description

(Abridged Version) Casebook- A 21st Century Tool for Family-Centered Practice-HD from Case Commons Presents Casebook on Vimeo.

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Case Commons

How do you approach designing a social network for social workers?