Geoffrey Brown

Interaction Designer

Geoffrey Brown believes in the future. As of this second, Geoffrey finds himself working as a product designer at Twitter in sunny New York City. At Twitter, Geoffrey focuses on design and prototyping that creates a better real-time information network that brings people closer together. Before joining Twitter, Geoffry worked as an interaction designer at IDEO, both in the Bay Area and in New York. IDEO is a prolific worldwide design & innovation firm that practices Human Centered Design. Human Centered Design is a mindset. Both at Twitter and IDEO, Geoffrey designs for people. You should follow him on Twitter.

Geoffrey’s professional interests primarily reside around the design and development of user interfaces. At Twitter Geoffrey thinks a lot about the intersection of design and engineering. His passions include everything from Agile development processes, venture design, quantified self and medical software to reimagining the Government of the City of New York. Geoffrey also loves Shabu Shabu, Manhattan Rye Whiskey, Taipei City, good typography, and his lovely girlfriend Jacqueline.

In his spare time, Geoffrey sings the body electric. He is working on crafting his new public portfolio, and has starting writing a bit about design, culture and business in the recent weeks. He’s also most likely thinking about the future. For immediate inquirie, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If curious about Geoffrey's professional history, please take a look at an updated resume as well as a public Linkedin profile.