Hello! I’m Geoff and I am a professional designer. I live in work in the Mission of San Francisco with the amazing and talented love of my life Jacqueline. I consider myself a lucky person. I tend to follow technology and culture, and I’m finding myself migrating towards deeper levels of self reflection and meditation. I’m from the east coast. I was born and raised New York, and now I live in where there aren’t nearly as many lights, but the weather is lovely and warm and the burritos are profound. Despite my writing style, most people think I’m okay. I hope you do, too. I already think you’re awesome.


I begin the design process with people. I believe in the right amount of research, collaboration, and graphic design. For nearly 10 years I've honed my craft at agencies, product firms, consultancies, and places like IDEO, Twitter, and Airbnb. I've designed everything from consumer applications for world-scale consumer electronics companies to biotech and life science software compaines with global reach to helping organizations reimagine the future of social services across the United States. Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to have designed for 300+ million Twitter users across the planet, as well as be a part of the design effort leading the human-centered core of the Sharing Economy.


I’m usually found around the web, in the city of San Francisco, New York less, and not nearly enough in Japan. Below, however, are my most frequented digital haunts. All things considered, Twitter is by far and large my usual hangout, so ping me as long as you understand that I’m neither an ex-president nor a bridge.

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  • Airbnb
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Where I've been

I’ve done some stuff with some people. Here’s a mini track-record of my professional journey. If you’re interested, please feel free to check out my resume.



  1. Optimism is the most important characteristic of the modern designer.
  2. Innovation stems from a human-centered approach.
  3. Successful modern design is inherently cross-functional.
  4. Acceptance and implementation of proper feedback systems is the linchpin to successful design.
  5. Successful design must blend the commercial and social responsibility spectrum as much as the visual and behavioral spectrum.
  6. Transparency and good communication are paramount to successful design; both are challenging, consuming, and critical.
  7. Successful design questions absolutely everything.